The fruits with the F logo are subject to a CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMITY

The certified trademark FRUITNET guarantees:
the control of the production methods,
the control of the sanitary and taste quality of the fruits,
the control of the fruits origin.

In order to obtain the certified trademark, each farm must be controlled by a certifying organisation recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture. Actually two official and independent organisations are recognised: "S.G.S. Van Bree" and "INTEGRA".

The control concerns the observance of the directives in the FRUITNET guidelines, in the orchard, as well as in the storage and grading complex. The production techniques, the improvement of the environment, the sanitary quality of the fruit and the possibility to trace the origin of the fruit lots are controlled in particular.

In the orchard the control consists of:

the identification and marking of each plot,
the identification of the used pesticides,
lthe analyses of pesticide residues in leaf and fruit samples,
the presence of a beneficial fauna (predatory mites Typhlodromus pyri, predatory bugs Anthocoris nemoralis,...),
the presence of nest boxes, pheromone traps,
the planting system,
the width of the weed free strip,
the presence of weed strips,

In the storage, grading and packaging facilities the control consists of:

the verification of the field book (records of treatments applied in the orchard),
the presence of conform labelling on the FRUITNET fruit boxes,
the follow-up of the quality of the stored fruit,
the verification of the quantity of FRUITNET fruit being graded and sold,
the analyses of pesticide residues in fruit samples.

On top of the basic compulsory control the n.p.o. FRUITNET performs supplementary internal controls in the orchard, the packaging, grading and conditioning facilities, as well as in the shops.

These controls verify in particular the conformity of the fruit quality, externally as well as internally, as well as the possibility to trace the origin of the fruit lots.