The F logo is the symbol of the FRUITNET certification. He is put on pome fruits, apples and pears produced by the Integrated Production Techniques and conform to the FRUITNET guidelines like with the directives of the EUREP.

The Integrated Production of pome fruits is officially recognise in Belgium since 1996.

The F logo - symbol of the FRUITNET certification.

1)  Signifies apples and pears produced according to strict guidelines, that define the most appropriate cultural techniques to obtain high quality fruit and contribute to a greater respect of the environment and human health;

2)  Signifies apples and pears offering real advantages to the consumer:

Fruits with a guaranteed taste quality (percentage of sugar and firmness),
Fruits originating from cultures that preserve the environment and human health,
Fruits that can be traced from the producer to the place of selling,
Fruits that are effectively controlled, internally as well as externally.


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