Integrated Fruit Production (IFP)

It is the economical production of high quality fruit giving priority to ecologically safer methods, minimising undesirable side effects and use of agrochemicals, to enhance the safeguards to the environment and human health.


Founded in 1988, GAWI (Groupement d’Arboriculteurs pratiqant en Wallonie les techniques Intégrées / Organisation of Walloon Fruit growers who apply the Integrated Techniques) is a non-profit-organisation (n.p.o.), that is recognised as a Regional Pilot Centre for References and Experiments.

Its mission is:

the technical support of fruit growers that apply the Integrated Fruit Production method,
the validation of the Integrated Production Techniques and the measures for the protection of the environment and human health,
to draw up and update the Fruitnet guidelines for the Integrated Production of pome fruit,
to help draw up guidelines for the Integrated Production of other fruit and/or vegetable cultures.