Technical advise

If your apple or pear cultivar is not resistant to this disease, it is necessary to pick up the fallen leaves in autumn and burn them, since the fungus hibernates in the leaves on the ground. This preventive measure will allow the diminution of pressure the next year. Especially in case of damage by scab the previous year the preventive application of the Bordeaux mixture (Cu) at bud burst will prove to be useful.


Autumn is the most propitious period for the development of this disease. On the one hand the climate is often wet and humid in this season, and on the other hand there is the presence of numerous wounds (picking and falling of fruits, falling of leaves) serving as entries for the fungus spores. When the leaves are falling, apply two treatments of the Bordeaux mixture (Cu) preventively (one at the beginning and one at the end of the falling of the leaves). In dry weather, clean the cancerous wood: cut the cancerous twigs at least 15 cm under the wound or scrape off the wound down to the healthy wood and cover with a healing unguent. It is very important to recuperate and burn all the sick wood that has fallen on the ground, because the fungus remains active for several years to come.

Choice of the cultivar
The Reinette de Flandre:

Old apple cultivar found in the Boulonnais in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region of France. Actually this cultivar is making a comeback under a European program in professional Belgian and French orchards.

It is a very rustic cultivar, with a greenish grey to uniform grey skin, which becomes reddish when ripening and sometimes suffused with red on the side exposed to the sun.

It is a crunchy apple, white, very juicy and slightly acid. From October to November it can be used as a dessert apple, and up to and including February for cooking (applesauce, cakes, oven).

Ideal cultivar for the amateur gardener because of its numerous qualities: excellent branching, quick fruit set, regular production, resistant to diseases, little maintenance,...

FRUITNET apples and pears are actually available at the Delhaize le Lion stores.

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