The Integrated Fruit Production is a regular production of high quality fruit that works together with nature, using its regulating force and only intervening when really justified.

The first step to take by the grower is the observation of his orchard to detect the presence of pests and especially to determine the extent of their population. To this end he has at his disposal different means: beatings, visual control, pheromone and mechanical traps, glue trap,... These methods are simple to use, but they demand time and perseverance of the grower.

In case of a risk of major economical damage (treatment threshold was exceeded) the grower must choose a control method. Naturally, priority must be given to natural enemies of the pest in question, but when these are insufficient the grower will have to opt for a more appropriate biological or chemical treatment. The most selective, least toxic, least persistent product, which is as safe as possible to humans and the environment, must be selected.

Besides the control of pests, the grower must also reason the use of herbicides, the application of fertilisers, the tree growth, the fruit setting,... as well as the improvement of the orchard environment.

Technical advisers give aid by means of group sessions, individual visits and warning bulletins.